About Us

Goldfarb-Fischer Novelty, Inc.

Goldfarb-Fischer Novelty, Inc. was founded in 1955. Since day one we have focused on quality in our products and in our service. We believe in forging long term relationships with our customers instead of pursuing a high number of sales at the expense of service. However this does not mean our prices are higher in any respect. We have very competitive pricing in all our products and more often than not have the absolute best price and availability.

Products & Services:

We are a wholesaler for the gift, novelty and souvenir industries. Our souvenir product lines are primarily based on nautical and tropical designs making them ideal for tropical based resorts, entertainment, souvenir and other related industries. We also supply custom designs for many other types of businesses located throughout the United States and a few internationally. We can easily accomodate request for corporate branded and promotional gifts as well.

Many of our clients are among the largest retailers of souvenir and gift products nationally, however we will gladly work with smaller businesses as well, as long as they are able to order in set volume amounts. We do not sell directly to consumers in order to protect our clients' prices.

We believe that our commitment to total customer satisfaction and our competitive pricing makes us ideal for your needs. Please call or email us today to see what we can do for you.